Walton High School Named International Spanish Academy

In late 2008, Walton High School submitted an application to the Ministry of Education of Spain to become an International Spanish Academy. In December, in a ceremony in Valencia, Spain, principal Judith McNeill, signed an agreement with the government of Spain officially naming the school an International Spanish Academy (ISA). The Ministry of Education of Spain, in collaboration with Walton High School aims to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Encourage students’ academic success in all subjects of the curriculum.
  • Educate students in the values of multicultural education to foster international communication and respect among different cultures.
  • Train students to express themselves and effectively communicate in English and Spanish in their personal relationships and in an academic setting.
  • Facilitate and promote the access of students to prestigious centers of higher education throughout the U.S., Spain/Europe and Latin America.
  • Prepare the students for their professional development in an international context.
  • Promote the participation of distinct groups and social sectors of the community in an integrative, educational project.
  • For full participation in the International Spanish Academy, students may earn double academic certification (receiving a diploma from the government of Spain as well as their Walton High School diploma.)
  • In addition, the Ministry of Education of Spain provides support in the areas of specialized visiting teachers and teacher exchange programs with Spain, language and culture assistants, and courses in Spanish universities.
  • Teachers and students have access to a wide array of academic and cultural exchanges.
  • Students in the Academy will take 4 years of Spanish at Walton along with a minimum of 4 additional content area classes that include a component of Spanish in the coursework.  The proposed content area course for 2009-2010 will be AP Human Geography.
  • Rising 9th graders will receive information on the application process later this month.

For information on the ISA concept, curriculum, and methodology visit http://www.mepsyd.es/exterior/usa/en/programs/isas/concept.shtml.