Cobb Schools Foundation Honors 2009 Scholarship Winners

2009 Foundation Scholars

The Cobb Schools Foundation announced the winners of the 2009 Foundation Academic Scholarships at the April 23 meeting of the Board of Education. The Foundation annually awards two $1,000 scholarships to recipients at each of the 15 high schools in the Cobb County School District. The winners are:

Campbell High School – Priya Patel, Asia Ellington
Harrison High School – Lauren O’Connor, Hannah King
Hillgrove High School – Kelton Buchanan, Abigail Keifer
Kell High School – Robert Arp, Nicole Caruso
Kennesaw Mt High School – Karl Celeste, Jenna Lattanzi
Lassiter High School – Justin Molinaro, Heather Dunham
McEachern High School – Victoria Jackson, Jessica Cayce
North Cobb High School – Rashaida Melvin, Toni Dawkins
Osborne High School –┬áCatherine Bioc, An Hoang Vo
Pebblebrook High School – Kimberly Tobar, Taylor Crouch
Pope High School – Derek Ponticelli, Brenna Humphries
South Cobb High School – Chelsea Smith, Courtney Whitmire
Sprayberry High School – Matthew Saylor, John Mezzanotte
Walton High School – Yida Gao, Andy Zhang
Wheeler High School – Hena Haines, Michael Delvin

The foundation also announced the winners of the Tippins Scholarship, a $1,500 scholarship for outstanding seniors in each Board Post 1 high school. The scholarship is funded by former Post 1 Board member Lindsey Tippins, who served Cobb for more than a decade. The winners are:

Harrison High School – Jared Ciervo
Hillgrove High School – Mir Isaamullah
Kennesaw Mountain High School – Sharon Pae
McEachern High School – Shayla Appleby
North Cobb High School – Jay Lad