2009 Robert Byrd Scholarship Recipients

The Robert Byrd Scholarship program, which is federally funded and state-administered, is designed to recognize exceptionally able high school seniors who show promise of continued excellence in postsecondary education. Students receive scholarships for college expenses. Below are the Cobb winners for 2009:

Campbell,  Sarah Lowe

Harrison, Darby Hess

Hillgrove, Mir Isaamullah

Kell, Jillian O’Rourke

Kennesaw Mountain, Harrison Haddon

Lassiter, Neha Bagadiya

McEachern,  Tanya Disney

North Cobb, Shelby Hailstone

Osborne, Catherine Bioc

Pebblebrook, Donald Simpson

Pope, Matthew Passarello

Sprayberry, John Mezzanotte

Walton, Ge Zhang

Wheeler, Hena Haines