CCSD Transportation Dept. Pulls Together To Continue Adjustment of Bus Routes

Members of the CCSD Transportation are working extended hours to help complete bus re-routing.

The CCSD Transportation Department is working fast and furiously to make final adjustments to bus routes for the 2009-10 school year! Officials have communicated with neighborhood representatives and received input via phone calls and e-mail, all of which help maximize the efficiency of the process. With the Aug. 10 start date just a little over a week away, more than 1,300 bus stops have been reinstated since the discussion of the initial routes took place during the July 23 Board of Education meeting. The District expects to reinstate or improve approximately 2,500 stops, based on input from the public. Elementary routes are expected to be final by Friday, July 31. Parents can use the WebQuery system to determine their students’ bus routes.


On Thursday, Jul. 30, Board members David Banks and Lynnda Crowder-Eagle surprised the Transportation Dept. employees with a pizza luncheon to thank them for their hard work on the bus routing.


Both Board members got a chance to talk with CCSD employees and see the facility and equipment firsthand. CCSD Director of Transportation Rick Grisham (pictured above, left) introduced the Board members to his staff.