Walton Tour Choir Performs at the Vatican

Walton HS Tour Choir St. Peter's Basilica Nov. 2015

The Walton High School Tour Choir had an amazing educational experience over the Thanksgiving break. Eighty-six students immersed themselves in Italian musical history, art, architecture, food, and language in Tuscany and Rome. The Walton choir also performed a concert with a community choir in Siena and for a high school in Florence. Students especially enjoyed getting to know the Italian teenagers who were very much like them.

The highlight of the tour was being featured in a performance at the Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. The choir performed four pieces, one of which was composed four hundred years ago in the Basilica. The other performance pieces were created by American composers as a means of sharing our culture. The Mass was conducted in Italian and Latin, but the priest spoke directly to our choir in English at the conclusion of the homily. Seventeen parents, two teachers, and three administrators guided the students in an unforgettable week. Not only did our students learn so much about the world, but in these unstable times our students’ voices promoted peace, hope, and understanding.

Walton Tour Choir in Campo, Siena