Campbell High School Link Crew Helps Connect Freshmen With Upperclassmen


Starting high school can be a scary experience for ninth graders, but an elite group of Campbell High School upperclassmen are reaching out to their younger peers and making connections for success. The Campbell Link Crew members are juniors and seniors hand-picked by teachers to serve as mentors for freshmen Spartans. Before school began on Aug. 10, the Link Crew operated activities at the ninth grade orientation.

chs_linkcrew2Throughout the school year, the group will serve as ushers at school activities, participate in academic and social events with freshmen, and provide individual encouragement, easing ninth grade transition into high school.

The group hosted a “Freshmen Tailgate Party” before the home opener for the 9th grade football program.  Students enjoyed snacks, an obstacle course, music, a giant slide and many other activities.