Kennesaw Mountain Junior Brandeus Davis Explores Aerial Surveillance During Georgia Tech Summer Program

brandeusdavisThis summer, Brandeus Davis, junior at Kennesaw Mountain High School, participated in the 2009 Georgia Institute of Technology LEAD SEI program. The LEAD program recruits students throughout the United States and Puerto Rico to prominent engineering institutions for the summer experience including University of California, Berkeley and Georgia Institute of Technology. The LEAD SEI (Leadership, Education and Development Summer Engineering Institute) program at Georgia Tech was a three week, on-campus residency experience for select applicants.  Members of Georgia Tech’s faculty, staff and students developed the curriculum which included a competitive case study analysis presentation to engineers, professors and corporate leaders.

This year, the program focused on three distinct categories including aerial surveillance, water purification systems and solar powered refrigeration systems that could be constructed for use in underdeveloped countries or regions impacted by natural disasters.

Brandeus and his team members placed first in their category of aerial surveillance. The group constructed a helium-driven aerial surveillance system that was capable of taking digital images from a height of nearly 200 feet. The system was also capable of transporting critical supplies to remote areas impacted by natural disasters. Brandeus and his team were able to use their understanding of concepts related to physics, weather systems, chemistry and engineering in the development of their final product and presentation. Brandeus took a leadership role in the program serving as the engineer, meteorologist, scientist, financial advisor and primary presenter for the team.

Brandeus is the son of Dr. Brian and Dr. Andrea Davis of Kennesaw.