Spotlight on Art at Clay ES

Annual Student Artist Night at Clay ES

The spotlight recently shone on the budding artists at Clay Elementary. More than 400 works of art lined the hallways, all pinned up, waiting for the visitors and families to stroll through the annual Student Artist Night.  It was a time for the students to be able to show off what they had been creating and learning about in art class all year.  With their name proudly posted by their artwork, every student was included in the show.IMG_3045

As the doors opened, the halls were flooded with students and families excitedly taking in the student art as they searched for the piece they had really come to see—their own student art!  Some students were overheard telling their parents the processes or the ideas behind the work. Others took pictures proudly standing beside their art.  Overall, it was a great night to celebrate student art success!

First year art teacher Ruth Mizzell was so proud of all her students and the work that they had accomplished this year in her class.  She said “being a first year teacher had been challenging at times, but putting up all the work on the walls and then being able to see her students’ faces as they see their artwork displayed made it so worth all the extra effort”.