Brumby Elementary’s Kim Lloyd Honored as Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week

Brumby Elementary School Teacher Kim Lloyd was named Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week by her former student Javien during a special presentation at the school on Friday, Aug. 19. (Pictured from Left to Right) Tyler Gwyn, Cobb School’s recruitment supervisor and Phenomenal Friday team lead; Brumby Principal Dr. Amanda Richie; fifth grader Javien; Kim Lloyd, Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week; the Chick-fil-A Cow and Chick-fil-A representative.

Students beat drums as Brumby Elementary School kindergarten teacher Kim Lloyd jogged through the reception line celebrating the Friday morning announcement that she was the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week.

Prior to the announcement, it was just another happy Friday at Brumby Elementary except a Chick-fil-A cow was roaming the halls providing a clue that a Phenomenal Friday surprise was coming.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance and moment of silence, Cobb School’s recruitment supervisor and Phenomenal Friday team lead Tyler Gwynn popped into Brumby’s morning broadcast with his new friend, Javien, a fifth grader and one Lloyd’s past students.

Via live video broadcast, Javien told the entire school he chose Lloyd as the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week because she set the foundation for his school learning. Javien said Lloyd taught him manners.

“She made learning fun,” said Javien. “She taught me how to be polite and how to treat property.”

This is the first time a fifth grader has chosen a kindergarten teacher as the Phenomenal Friday teacher.

“I’m shocked. I didn’t see this coming. I feel so honored and I feel so appreciative to him and that I made an impact on him,” said Lloyd. “I love the fact that I make a difference as a teacher.”

After hugs and a few tears, Lloyd reunited with her current kindergarten class. The students swarmed their phenomenal teacher, giving her a lot more hugs.

Lloyd then took a moment to take photos with a group of her former students from Javien’s class.

“This is the first time I have ever been recognized like this, and it makes me feel so special that Javien chose me,” Lloyd said.

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