Austell Primary School Wins Award of Excellence in Physical Education

Austell Primary School, under the direction of Ms. Mamie Pruitt, was awarded the 2009 The Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, Inc. (GAHPERD) Award of Excellence in Physical Education. She was honored during the 2009 Convention Banquet in Atlanta on November 1.

Ms. Mamie Pruitt leads a great program that involves many facets of the school family. In her application she made the comment that the community is the right arm of the success of the program at Austell Primary. While this is true, no right arm knows what to do without a visionary brain. Ms. Pruitt does a wonderful job of keeping the parents involved in the program by providing information on expectations, programs that are being offered and how parents can get involved with the programs. Her communication does not end there. She also sends home fitness results at least twice a year and has had her school family complete a survey to assess the value of the program and has certified most of the staff members in CPR/First Aid.

“Coach” Pruitt also offers a fitness walking program, tumbling team, and a jump rope team all as extra curricular activities. The school participates in Jump Rope for Heart as well as provides an annual Family Fun and Fitness Night for the community. All of this is done at a primary school of Kindergarten and first grade with an enrollment of 320.

Entry submitted by Debbie Vassell-Mitchell.