Cobb County 4-H and South Cobb High School Start Up Entrepreneurship Program


Cobb County 4-H and South Cobb High School and the Business Department, have collaborated to implement the new Entrepreneurship Program starting January 2010.

This is due to the generous financial donation from Emerson Climate Technologies, primarily through their nonprofit Emerson Charitable Trust. The Emerson Charitable Trust provides financial assistance and other support to encourage development and delivery of sound, innovative programs that improve and enrich human lives, promote volunteerism, and provide services directly to those in need.

Headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia, Retail Solutions, part of Emerson Climate Technologies, is the world’s leading provider of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solution for residential, industrial and commercial applications.

Emerson support programs and institutions that give young people an opportunity to recognize their potential, and the confidence and skills to achieve their dreams. Emerson believes their futures as a company and the well-being of the nation as a whole depends in large part on the quality and resourcefulness of our educational systems at all levels.

Emerson’s donation to the Georgia 4-H Foundation supports the Emerson Workforce Preparation and Career Development Project Endowment and support Cobb County 4-H. The objectives of the Workforce Preparation and Career Development Project Endowment is to help prepare youth for employable futures including training in practical skills, leadership abilities, building character, and assist them in exploring career opportunities available to them in today’s workplace.

The Cobb 4-H E.Y.E. (Empowering Young Entrepreneurs) Leadership Academy is designed to that and more. The E.Y.E. Academy is a proactive academy designed to invigorate youth as a committed partner in their own development and future success. The program will provide educational resources that will have youth participants actively engaged in matching their interests and skills with similar career choices. By providing these educational resources and hands-on field experiences, 4-H’ers will turn potential talents to profitable businesses. This experience will educate them in becoming financially aware, prepared, and equipped to manage real-world financial issues. 4-H’ers will understand the relevancy of a high school education as an essential measure in pursuing a post-secondary education and obtaining a satisfying career. In turn, this provides a greater likelihood of graduating, therefore decreasing the drop-out rate.

Ashley Hosey, Principal of South Cobb High School and Lisa Gipson, Business Department Head of South Cobb High have worked closely with Kimberly Taylor, Cobb County 4-H Youth Development Professional in arranging meeting dates and times to implement this Spring Semester program.

Principal Hosey notes that “South Cobb High School is a place with a history of providing top notch “flight training.”

Cobb 4-H feels this program is another tool serving as a “launching pad’ in helping South Cobb students soar!