Clay Elementary Science Classes Featured in AJC

Students at Clay Elementary were featured in the Oct. 10 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Metro section. The text reads:

After turning a liquid Into a solid, Beatrix Ohienmhen, a biology student at Georgia State, with the help of Osvaldo Gonzalez,11, holds the new solid over the head of Tajawa Walker, 10, at Clay Elementary School on Friday.

Ohienmhen was teaching the students about the three states of matter – gas, liquid and solid. She was one of the students from Georgia State’s Bio-Bus program. The program consists of approximately 15 undergraduate and graduate students operating out of a 30-foot mobile instructional laboratory that travels to K-12 schools and presents activities designed to get kids excited about science. Over the past 10 years, Georgia State students have presented to over 130,000 students In Georgia.