Vinings Lake Church of Mableton Hosts Cobb Mentoring Matters Christmas Gathering

The Vinings Lake Church of Mableton recently hosted a Christmas party for south Cobb area mentors and their students, who were matched through Cobb Mentoring Matters.

The event allowed family members to mingle with their children’s mentors, while also allowing the children to spend time with their mentors outside of school and further build the mentor-mentee relationship.

After the party one of the mentors expressed his gratitude.

“I think I had more fun than the children,” said Paul. “It was so enjoyable thanks to everyone that planned it. I felt so welcome I didn’t want to leave.”

Vinings Lake Church made it a mission to provide mentors for students this year. More than 10 church members volunteered to be mentors, and two of the members have already been matched with students. Church Pastor Cody Deese was the first to go through the program and was matched last year at Harmony Leland Elementary. Cobb Mentoring Matters provides the opportunity for members of civic organizations and churches to be mentors and participate in the education and support of students in the Cobb County School District.

Anyone interested in becoming a mentor can visit or email