Early Literacy Program Showing Exciting Results

The Cobb County School District’s Early Literacy Proof of Concept program in six elementary schools is showing tremendous results.

Dr. Mary Elizabeth Davis, Chief Academic Officer, presented a mid-year report on the program during the March school board work session.

The CCSD Early Literacy Proof of Concept began last fall at Belmont Hills, Fair Oaks, Green Acres, Norton Park, Riverside Primary and Smyrna Elementary schools.

The goal of the program is to help kindergarten students “develop reading proficiency at a faster rate when provided targeted reading instruction, consistent student progress monitoring, and personalized interventions,” said Dr. Davis.

Midway through the school year, the rigorous literacy model for kindergarten students shows all six schools making more than 50 percent of their total 2015-16 growth by December of this year.

The data shows from August 2016 to December of 2016, Norton Park Elementary kindergarten students had an achieved 88 percent of the previous year’s total growth.

At Smyrna Elementary the student growth was 93 percent during the same time period and at Green Acres Elementary it was 100 percent. For example, kindergarten students at Green Acres have shown the same amount of growth from August to

December of this year that was demonstrated during the 2015-16 full academic year. This tremendous growth is a reflection of the dedication and instructional effectiveness of our kindergarten teachers and their paraprofessionals.

“As you recall, last year we launched the “Cobb Commitment” which is our promise to our community that we are distancing ourselves from the constant changes in public education today and focusing on what is most important: teaching and learning, with an emphasis on learning,” said Davis. “An important part of that Commitment is a balanced approach to teaching literacy, including an emphasis on phonics and foundational reading skills, and the concept of daily monitoring student learning.”

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