Sixty CCSD Schools Are Beating the Odds

The Cobb County School District had the second highest number of Beating the Odds schools in Georgia, based on data released by the Georgia Department of Education.

Sixty CCSD schools performed better this year on the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) than last year. This is the fifth consecutive year for 23 schools to achieve the Beating the Odds designation from the Georgia DOE.

According to the Georgia DOE, “The Beating the Odds analysis predicts a range within which a school’s CCRPI score is statistically expected to fall – given the school’s size, grade cluster, student mobility, and student demographics (including race/ethnicity, disability, English learners, and poverty). If an individual school’s actual CCRPI is above the predicted range, then that school beat the odds.”


CCSD schools that beat the odds had an average score of 14 points above the state average.

Here are the 23 schools that beat the odds in each of the past five years:

Allatoona High School
Baker Elementary School
Bryant Elementary School
Campbell Middle School
East Cobb Middle School
Garrison Mill Elementary School
Harrison High School
Hillgrove High School
Kemp Elementary School
King Springs Elementary School
Lassiter High School
Lost Mountain Middle School
Mabry Middle School
McCleskey Middle School
Mount Bethel Elementary School
Murdock Elementary School
Palmer Middle School
Pope High School
Smitha Middle School
Sope Creek Elementary School
Still Elementary School
Timber Ridge Elementary School
Walton High School