CCSD Students Transform Junk into Masterpieces

From an empty Fruit Loops Cereal box and toilet paper rolls to old shoes and an old toaster, Cobb County School District student artists recycled trash into art during the Junk Yard Art Wars at the Kennesaw State University (KSU) Spring Arts Festival April 29.

Student artists were encouraged to rethink, re-imagine and reinvent the concept of art while at the same time promoting recycling.

Top 10 CCSD Winners of the Junk Yard Art Wars:

  1. Ethan Clark—Awtrey Middle School
  2. Tessa Van Bunnik—Awtrey Middle School
  3. Megan Battle—Daniell Middle School
  4. Maia Todd—Simpson Middle School
  5. George Cooper, Nataly Zavala, Aailiyah, and Vivian Le—Cooper Middle School
  6. Christina Freitas—Dodgen Middle School
  7. Nina Kesava—Dodgen Middle School
  8. Isabella Welsh— Awtrey Middle School
Hayden Sears— Simpson Middle School
  10. Emily Schraeder— Simpson Middle School

High School Winner of the Junk Yard Art Wars:

Kianna Jackson— Kell High School

 Winner of the Junk Yard Art Wars:

  • 3rd Grade Paper Roll Sculptures — Clarkdale Elementary School

Impact Awards
at the Junk Yard Art Wars:

  • Janya Thakkar and Emma Glicker—Dodgen Middle School
  • Samuel Phan, Kelly Jacobs and Alaina Niksch— Barber Middle School
  • Dascha Cherepakhin and Jaylyn Baldwin—Durham Middle School
  • William Green—Awtrey Middle School
  • Feddjina Jean Charles—Cooper Middle School