Kennesaw Mountain High Student Christina Woodrow Named to Microsoft’s Inaugural Council for Digital Good

A Kennesaw Mountain High School Magnet student will help build the foundation for a new approach to online interactions after Microsoft selected her to join the company’s inaugural Council for Digital Good. As one of 15 teens chosen from across the country, Christina Woodrow will travel to Microsoft’s Redmond, Wash. campus in early August for the first council summit.

Through the council, Microsoft aims to help young people fully appreciate and understand the risks and potential harms associated with life online. Microsoft will look to the council members to provide a perspective on the state of online interactions today; what might make the online space healthier, safer and more enjoyable; and reflect on how Microsoft can a play a part in shaping that future.

Hundreds of students applied for the opportunity to join the Council for Digital Good by submitting detailed essays and videos about their lives online, their perspectives on Microsoft and their hopes and expectations for the council experience. In their applications, the teens said they want to fight back against online bullying; they want to stamp out hate and bias across the web; they want to help make technology available to as many people as possible and they want to encourage their peers and communities to treat each other with respect and dignity, both online and off.

Microsoft described the application process as highly competitive.

“We assembled a group with diverse life experiences, whom we hope will bring a wealth of views and perspectives to council discussions and activities,” read the Microsoft announcement about the selection of the members for the inaugural Council for Digital Good. “We selected nine young women and six young men, all of whom accepted, from 11 states: California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee and Washington. We’re excited to begin engaging with the council in preparation for the August summit.”

Updates on council activities are available at or by checking Facebook and Twitter with #CouncilforDigitalGood.