Eastvalley Student Entrepreneurs Learn to Lead

Got coffee? A group of business-minded students at Eastvalley Elementary School are making sure their teachers get coffee in the morning.

Students in Megan Smith’s multiage class devised the idea to host a coffee cart where Eastvalley teachers could easily grab a cup of Joe on Monday mornings. Before launching the coffee-making enterprise, the students calculated the supplies they would need and figured out how much demand they may get for the coffee.

When the students arrive on Monday morning, they use a Google Order Form that they created with their teacher to fill the pre-placed coffee orders.

After making the coffee, they set out to deliver their orders and collect their payments. Students are often found with huge smiles on their faces as they practice their greetings and ask teachers if they would like cream and sugar.

Smith’s students put all collected proceeds toward field trip expenses and other educational needs.

According to Eastvalley staff, there isn’t a better way to start the week, than a visit from the coffee cart and a warm hello from Smith’s students.