Mt. Bethel Elementary School Community Celebrates Phenomenal Teacher of the Week

Fifth grade students at Mt. Bethel Elementay School celebrate after their teacher, Brandi Haddock, was named the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week April 21.

When Brandi Haddock walked into the Mt. Bethel Elementary School media center with her fifth grade class and saw her parents and her husband carrying flowers, she knew something was up.

She thought she was in the media center to take a survey, but instead she saw the Chick-fil-A cow and the parents of her students.

Her student, Markee, stood at the front of the room with Mt. Bethel Principal Jessica Appleyard and told the room full of parents, staff and students why she chose Haddock as the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week.

“I nominated Ms. Haddock because she is one of the best teachers I have ever had [at Mt. Bethel],” Markee explained. “Her enthusiasm while she is teaching is contagious and makes everybody in my class more excited to learn.”

To help celebrate Haddock, her students’ parents put together a basket of the Phenomenal Teacher’s favorite things. Haddock also walked away with a swag bag from the Atlanta Braves and Chick-fil-A, which included tickets for a baseball game.

“It was amazing that so many people stopped this morning to come and celebrate a phenomenal teacher,” said Principal Appleyard. “It was a great way to start our day.”

Markee felt honored that Principal Appleyard gave her the opportunity to recognize her teacher. After all, Markee gets to see firsthand what Haddock does every day in the classroom.

“I really feel ready for sixth grade because of Ms. Haddock,” Markee said. “I really enjoy coming to school every day because Ms. Haddock is my teacher.”

Principal Appleyard shared Markee’s view of Haddock as a Phenomenal Teacher and has an opinion about why Haddock’s students hold a high opinion of her.

“She really builds relationships with the kids and gets them to perform beyond their capabilities,” Principal Appleyard added. “She is an exemplary teacher. She does what she does because she loves the kids.”

Haddock, who is in her third year teaching at Mt. Bethel, said the Teacher of the Week award meant even more to her because of the outstanding teachers she works with every day. She was amazed that she stood out amid such a fantastic group of educators. The award also had more significance to her because it came from a student.

“We spend everyday with our students,” Haddock said. “I love my class, and I was so honored to be chosen by Markee. She is someone who anyone would want to be a role model to.”

The Phenomenal Teacher was thankful that the Cobb County School District gives students like Markee an opportunity to honor the teachers they feel have impacted their lives the most.

“To be recognized is motivating,” Haddock explained with a smile. “It makes us want to work even harder and to be a better teacher for our students.”

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