CCSD Special Education Nurse Cheryl Wagnon Named Winner of AJC Jobs Nursing Excellence Awards

She has been a Registered Nurse for 42 years and has served students in the Cobb County School District for 24 years. This year, the AJC Jobs Nursing Excellence Awards panel selected CCSD special education nurse Cheryl Wagnon as one of the top 10 extraordinary nursing professionals. Wagnon, who is a member of the CCSD preschool diagnostic team, completes nursing assessments on students with medical needs.

In her nomination letter, CCSD Student Specific Nurse Patricia Rolleston referred to Wagnon as a persistent advocate. Rolleston detailed a story of how Wagnon went above and beyond to advocate for a special needs student to have a life-changing surgery. Because of Wagnon’s nursing knowledge and skills, the student is now smiling, happy and no longer experiencing the distress that triggered Wagnon’s initial concerns.

The AJCJobs Nursing Excellence Awards, which is in its 12th consecutive year, is based on nominations from patients, friends, family and co-workers.

Wagnon along with the other Nursing in Excellence Award recipients were honored at a luncheon at Cobb Galleria on May 9 during National Nurses Week. Her daughter, Katie Wagnon, flew to Atlanta from her home in Shanghai, China to surprise her mother at the luncheon. Read about the heart-warming reunion in this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article.

Next, watch this AJC video to hear Wagnon share her nursing story and talk about why she is motivated by the children’s smiles.