Cobb County School District Congratulates 2017 Teacher Leader Academy Graduates

The Cobb County School District proudly welcomes 106 new graduates of its nationally recognized Teacher Leader Academy (TLA). The graduates represent 40 different schools within the District and include 35 supervisor/instructors and 83 new inductees.

The TLA focuses on leadership and encourages teachers to lead from the classroom versus leaving the classroom to become administrators.  They are empowered through learning mentoring techniques, other leadership skills including giving students a voice and also increasing their own “teacher voice” through leadership.

Teachers are chosen for the TLA through an extensive application process, which includes recommendations from their administrators.   Once they enter the program, the teachers spend a year learning how to harness their voices to lead from their classrooms.

The CCSD TLA program has gained national recognition and is supported by the Quaglia Institute.

The District will welcome a third TLA class this summer for the 2017-18 school year.