Nicholson Elementary Hosts International Night Extravaganza, Promotes Love of Reading and Art

Nicholson Elementary School hosted an International Night Extravaganza to offer Nicholson families from diverse cultures the opportunity to showcase their native country. The annual event included artifacts, photos, music, costumes and the perennial favorite—the food tasting.

“It was a wonderful time for our families to celebrate each other,” said Lisa Messinger, Nicholson media specialist.

During the extravaganza, families strolled through an exhibit highlighting artwork from each student at Nicholson. The art was on display for National Youth Art Month, which celebrates students’ creativity and emphasizes the value of arts education for all students. Each piece was matted and framed, and parents had the option to purchase their student’s artwork.

During the school day, all Nicholson students watched a performance of “Ready, Set, Read”, by Ken Scott. The comedy-magic show reinforced the fun and excitement of reading a good book. An award-winning magician, Ken has written and performed literature-based reading magic shows in Georgia for the past twelve years.

The student’s motivation to read was satisfied at the Book Fair, which stayed open all day to accommodate every shopping need.

“We were thrilled by the large turnout of our school community,” Messinger said. “Our Nicholson ‘Stars’ shined with pride as they shared their artwork, culture, and literacy with parents and friends!”