Cobb Graduates Snag Nearly $94 Million in Scholarship Offers

The Cobb County School District class of 2017 generated more than $93.7 million in college scholarship offers, so far.

This figure does not include the HOPE Scholarship awards which will be available later this summer. The scholarship awards for academic scholars and athletic stand-outs came from all 16 of the District’s high schools and the Cobb Performance Learning Center.

Totals for scholarship offers at CCSD schools:
Allatoona $1,708,740.00
Campbell $3,683,844.00
Harrison $6,472,768.00
Hillgrove $7,958,553.00
Kell $1,344,966.00
KMHS $10,633,510.00
Lassiter $9,783,386.00
McEachern $8,000,000.00
North Cobb $2,384,620.00
Osborne $2,228,568.00
Pebblebrook $5,200,000.00
PLC $2,000.00
Pope $6,465,690.00
South Cobb $2,349,535.00
Sprayberry $1,181,110.00
Walton $20,300,000.00
Wheeler $4,018,529.00
Total $93,715,819.00