Cheatham Hill Elementary Celebrates Margaret Grayburn as Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week

The last Friday of the 2016-2017 school year at Cheatham Hill Elementary was a Phenomenal Friday for the school’s music teacher, Margaret Grayburn.

Cheatham Hill students cheered as two of their classmates, fifth graders Lydia and Elena, announced that they had chosen Grayburn as the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week.

“I will never forget you,” started the letter written by Elena about her favorite teacher.

Elena described Grayburn as awesome and praised her teacher’s commitment to helping students expand their musical skills.

“She pushes us and makes sure we don’t slack off,” Elena added.

One of Grayburn’s lessons stood out for her students. When talking about what makes Grayburn so phenomenal, Elena and Lydia both referenced their music teacher’s “recorder karate” lesson, where students make videos while playing recorder instruments.

“Ms. Grayburn taught me so much. She made learning fun and inspired me to play music,” Lydia wrote in her letter. “She was always patient and very respectful to everybody. Ms. Grayburn is the best teacher ever. I love her!”

Not only does Grayburn make sure Cheatham Hill students master what she teaches, according to Lydia, she incorporates advanced material in her lessons.

“I’m totally in shock, surprised and honored to be selected,” said Grayburn after being surprised by Lydia, Elena and the Phenomenal Friday team from the Cobb County School District Human Resources department.

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