Lassiter High School Coach Proposes to Girlfriend During School Pep Rally

Lassiter High School history teacher Robbie Galvin proses to his girlfriend Sydney Wright during a school pep rally August 25.

Cheerleaders, the band, and bleachers packed with students, it was a traditional pump-you-up pep rally, until Lassiter High School history teacher Robbie Galvin took the floor, and then took a knee to propose to his girlfriend in front of 2,200 cheering students.

She said yes! The crowd roared and chanted, “This is their year! This is their year!” Wiping away her tears, Galvin’s fiancée, Sydney Wright, accepted roses from special needs students, who lined up to congratulate her. Students in the stands then rushed the floor to celebrate with the new couple.

Galvin, who is also the girl’s soccer coach, invited his girlfriend to the school pep rally to see him perform with Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Scott Kelly in a boy band duet. Wright didn’t know the performance was the opening act for the surprise of her lifetime.

“The community of Lassiter is a huge part of my life. Sydney has embraced that,” said the groom-to-be. “So, I figured proposing at a pep rally would be really special for both of us, as well as special for all these kids at Lassiter who mean so much to me.”

Galvin spent a lot of time planning the perfect proposal before he launched into his rendition of Bruno Mars’ “I Think I Want to Marry You.”

Her family was there. His family was there. Galvin had thousands of students cheering him on.

He said, “It was incredible!”

Grab a box of tissues and watch the pep rally proposal, which has already gone viral on social media: