FOX 5 Celebrates Campbell High School as ‘Team of the Week’

Campbell High School earned FOX 5’s coveted hand trophy for being named the “Team of the Week” during a school pep rally September 14.

As Campbell High School senior Justin Hayes ran in front of the bleachers carrying the coveted giant gold hand, his football teammates erupted with cheers during the school pep rally September 14.

The Campbell Spartans made history when they won their second game of the season 30-0. It was the first time in a decade that the Spartans shut out a team, and that’s one reason FOX 5 crowned Campbell, “Team of the Week.” The Spartan fans helped secure the “Team of the Week” hand trophy for Campbell by outvoting the other schools in FOX 5’s Facebook poll.

“It’s a very exciting moment at Campbell High School. We are making history. We are making the playoffs this year,” Justin predicted.

To celebrate Campbell’s success, FOX 5 joined the Spartans for their pep rally September 14. FOX 5 carried portions of the pep rally live on “Good Day Atlanta.” Video is available here.

This FOX 5 piece explains the history of the Spartan football team and why Campbell stood out as the “Team of the Week.”

In addition to the Spartan football team, the Campbell pep rally also gave other Spartan athletes an opportunity to get pumped up about their sport’s season.