Mableton Elementary Students Name Kristin Bosley Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week

Mableton Elementary School fifth graders Milo and Jazmin named their math teacher Kristin Bosley the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week during a surprise announcement September 1. Bosley’s class celebrated with her afterwards in the media center.

When Mableton Elementary School student Milo left Kristin Bosley’s class at the end of his fourth grade year, he was sad. He had enjoyed being in her math class in third and fourth grades. So, Milo was “excited and happy” when he learned Bosley would be his teacher in fifth grade too.

Milo and his fifth grade classmate Jazmin recently got an opportunity to show their appreciation for their third time teacher when they named Bosley the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week September 1.

“She motivates us every day to do better,” Jazmin explained.

Jazmin and Milo agreed that Bosley helps students who may be struggling in an area by separating them into small groups where they focus on mastering a specific skill.

For Milo, it was learning place values. Bosley’s small group technique helped Jazmin understand decimals.

“She is always there to challenge us,” Milo added. “She wants us to do our best.”

The fifth graders also enjoy the individual and partner projects that Bosley assigns the students. Milo and Jazmin couldn’t imagine another class allowing them to explore lessons with the same types of projects.

“We have so much fun with her,” Jazmin declared. “My favorite memory is when we sing in class. [Ms. Bosley] loves Disney.”

Jazmin isn’t the only student who likes the Disney music that Bosley plays for the students while they are doing independent work. Milo enjoys it too.

“I like it because it is nice and calm, and we get to sing along to it,” Milo added.

After having Bosley as a teacher for three years, Milo was excited about being able to select her as the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Year. Milo asserts that an award from a student to a teacher means more than those given to the teachers by their peers. It gives teachers like Bosley an understanding of how their students feel about them.

“Some teachers don’t know how special they are, but when a student gives them an award, it makes them feel good and special,” Milo said.

Bosley, who has taught at Mableton for 12 years, agrees with Milo. The Teacher of the Week said it is important to know that her hard work is paying off and that the students, like Milo and Jazmin, recognize it.

Bosley described Milo and Jazmin as fun-loving, creative, and hands-on students who always ask to do more. She admits that they keep her busy but is glad to hear they are getting so much out of it.

“I love that I get to come in every day and inspire kids to want to do more, and want to be more, and provide the ultimate learning experience for them,” Bosley added.

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