Community Members Serve as Principals for a Day

Dylon Ross, Sr., a territory manager for Comcast Business, recently served as principal for a day at South Cobb High School. During the Cobb Chamber of Commerce sponsored event, Ross learned about Principal Clint Terza’s role in helping staff and students achieve success.

What’s it like to be a principal? What’s it like to work every day to promote student success for hundreds and sometimes thousands of students?

Community members throughout Cobb County got a chance to find out when they volunteered through the Cobb Chamber of Commerce to serve as a principal for a day at schools in the Cobb County School District (CCSD). According to the Chamber, the program provides volunteers a unique, behind-the-scenes experience to help them better understand “one of Cobb County’s strongest assets: our public education system.”

October is designated annually as National Principals Month to recognize the essential role that principals play in school achievement and student success. The volunteer principals got an opportunity to learn why and how principals earn praise.

Dylon Ross, Sr. was one of the community members who volunteered as a principal for a day. Representing Comcast Business, Ross learned firsthand about how Principal Clint Terza helps students succeed at South Cobb High School.

After walking a few hours in Principal Terza’s shoes, Ross praised the South Cobb principal and the Cobb Chamber Principal for a Day program for helping to bridge the business sector with the education system.

“I was very impressed with my experience with Mr. Terza as he demonstrated a typical day as principal,” said the territory manager for Comcast Business. “We discussed the past, present, and future strategies for his school to improve.”

The South Cobb principal for a day noted that the faculty appeared most impressed with Principal Terza’s leadership style, which was reflected by the school environment.

“The campus was clean of trash, hallways were spotless, and [students] were all in classrooms learning rather than roaming the halls. Most notably, I did not get any bubble gum on the bottom of my shoes as we walked the entire campus,” Ross added jokingly.

The community member-turned principal for a day-described the South Cobb students as reaching higher to achieve their goals and being happy and demonstrating positive attitudes.

“After seeing what Mr. Terza faces daily to educate our children, I believe that we can do more to help,” Ross added. “I am going to recommend this school for our Comcast Cares Day Project.”

If selected, the Comcast Cares Day would be an opportunity for the South Cobb community, students, and faculty to come together and beautify the school.

“When businesses, students and faculty, and the community work together with resources, then each child has a chance at the brighter future,” Ross said.