Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week: Blackwell Elementary School Honors Kari Brooks

“Being selected by a student as the Teacher of the Week is one of the proudest moments I think I have ever had. It makes me feel honored and appreciated for the work I’m doing with my students.” That statement sums up Kari Brooks’ reaction to learning fifth grader Abby selected her as the Blackwell Elementary School teacher who has impacted her the most.

Phenomenal Friday Teachers of the Week like Brooks often produce the same type reaction from their students, especially at the end of the school year. On the last day in Brooks’ fourth grade class, Abby and some of her classmates cried.

“It was really sad at the end of the year because I had to leave Ms. Brooks’ class,” Abby recalled. “I didn’t want to leave because she made everything fun.”

Brooks recognized when Abby was struggling with an assignment and offered support. That’s the type of “really nice teacher” Brooks is to her students.

Brooks cares about her students, and it makes her happy to know that her students understand she loves them and wants them to have fun while they learn in her class.

“As a teacher, I love what I do. I know that coming to school every day is going to be different, and I love the challenges that it brings me,” said the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week. “It makes me happy when I know that I have helped a student learn something that they didn’t know the previous day.”

Before Abby revealed on the school’s morning announcements which teacher had most impacted her life, Brooks watched her former student on television thinking about how much Abby had progressed since last year.

“I was thinking how proud I was of her because I know she is a shy girl,” Brooks explained. “I was watching her, and she was sitting there so composed. She looked very happy and excited. She was very confident.”

Blackwell Elementary School fifth grader Abby named fourth grade teacher Kari Brooks the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week on October 27. After the announcement, Brooks celebrated with her students, members of the Cobb County School District Human Resources Department; and representatives from Chick-fil-A.

Brooks didn’t know the reason that Abby looked so confident was because Abby had no doubts about which Blackwell teacher deserved the title of Phenomenal Teacher of the week. Abby was excited because she was about to recognize Brooks, her favorite teacher, as Blackwell’s Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week.

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