Bullard Elementary Students Honored as Part of National Student POWER Award Program

As part of National School Psychology Awareness Week, six Bullard Elementary School students were honored with national Student POWER Awards. Sponsored by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), the Student POWER Award program recognizes students who, through their own efforts and with the support of others in the school community, make an exceptional difference in their own lives, and the lives of others, by achieving personal goals.

In general, NASP Student POWER Award recipients demonstrate one or more of the following attributes and/or actions:

  • Progress toward individual goals
  • Optimism that he or she will succeed
  • Willing to solve problems
  • Eager to do his or her best
  • Reaches out to others

The following Bullard students earned Student POWER Awards: Benturk Perdahci, kindergarten; Olivia Pipe, first grade; Ethyn Taylor, second grade; Joey Barrett, third grade; JoJo Winter, fourth grade; Laney Daniell, fifth grade.

Benturk is a very hard working kindergarten student. He works very hard to learn his letters and sounds and always follows class rules. When his classmates are sad, Benturk helps comfort them.

Described by school staff as the sweetest, kindest, most helpful student, Olivia works hard on anything that is put in front of her and strives to include her fellow first graders in class activities.

Ethyn is the type of student that perseveres no matter the situation. The second grader always works hard, does his best, is polite to others, and uses his manners. According to Bullard teachers, he never complains and has a positive outlook on life.

Joey always does his best on assignments and overcomes any challenges that come his way with a positive attitude. As a third grader, he is a leader and mentor to other students and continually goes out of the way to be a friend and provide support to others.

JoJo is an amazing role model to her peers in fourth grade. She is kind and respectful to everyone. Although new to Bullard, JoJo achieved a personal goal of running for and winning her classroom student council election. She also is member of the school safety patrol.

Bullard staff describe Laney as kind and optimistic. She encourages her fifth grade classmates, rises above any challenges that come her way, and always gives her best effort.

The Student POWER Award program is part of NASP’s ongoing effort to help school psychologists promote children’s success in school and life, to help colleagues and parents redefine student success, and to highlight students’ exceptional efforts and individual achievements. It is grounded in the belief that emphasizing the positive, even in the face of adversity, is essential to achieving one’s best in school and life.

Students are selected based on suggested guidelines from NASP that highlight making progress toward individual goals; considering possibilities in themselves, peers, or their school; maintaining an optimistic focus; trying their best; reaching out to others; and striving to meet academic and life challenges. In addition to receiving a certificate from NASP, the Bullard students were added to the national list of Student POWER Award recipients on the NASP website.