Tritt Elementary School Recognizes Beth Blick as Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week

Before they honored military personnel in the school’s Veterans Day ceremony, Tritt Elementary School students paused to recognize Beth Blick for being a phenomenal 17-year veteran educator.

During a surprise announcement on the school news, fifth grader Max crowned Blick the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week. Choosing only one Tritt teacher was a difficult decision for Max, but Blick ascended to the Phenomenal Friday throne for the way she helped boost Max’s confidence in fourth grade.

“I picked Ms. Blick because she pushed me to my limits, and she helped me with anything that I was struggling with,” Max explained.

Max looked to Blick for help with his writing, an area where he lacked confidence.

“I struggled sometimes with writing and [Ms. Blick] would show me the basics of writing and how to write a good narrative,” Max revealed. “She would work with me one-on-one sometimes to improve my writing skills.” 

Knowing that Max plays football, Blick used football analogies to motivate him when he was in her class. She recognized Max as a “brilliant” student who just needed a little encouragement. She tries find that motivator for each student.

“The things that Max was talking about me doing for him and the things that we do every single day in our classroom are the things we do to make sure kids learn, have a good experience, and enjoy coming to school,” the Phenomenal Teacher explained. “When you become a teacher, you don’t do it for anyone to say, ‘thank you.’ You don’t do it for a millionaire paycheck.”

Although hearing Max’s kind words filled her heart, Blick confessed to feeling a little embarrassed by all the praise. For Blick, teaching is simply a job she was destined to do.

“I’ve been doing this for 17 years,” she added. “Being a teacher means everything. I have always wanted to be a teacher.”

Blick feels lucky to have had a student like Max recognize her impact. Being named the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week is the capstone of her almost two decades of teaching and her motivation to keep doing what she is doing in the classroom for the next 17 years.

The veteran teacher has some advice for the new teachers on the block.

“New teachers have to realize that they have to ask for help. There is no right way to do the job. You have to try different things,” the Phenomenal Teacher advised. “The more freedom you give to try new things in the classroom, the more freedom the kids will have to grow, learn, and not be afraid to fail.”

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