Acworth Elementary School Celebrates Angela McDill as Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week; Community Gifts More Than $55,000 in Donations to Acworth Teachers

‘Tis the season of giving and the Cobb community joined together to surprise teachers at Acworth Elementary School with more than $55,000 in gifts. Although all the Acworth educators took home a gift bag filled with $450 worth of donations and coupons for local retailers, one teacher walked away with a bundle of gifts totaling $4,000! Fourth grade teacher Angela McDill earned her bounty of presents for being named Acworth’s Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week.

As her student Jaxson recounted how McDill had supported him over the past year, he began to cry.

“I was struggling. I was not getting my work done. I had tons of work [to do] to catch up, but Ms. McDill started helping me a lot more. It was a miracle,” Jaxson recounted. “I kept getting everything done. She also helped me in math. I didn’t understand math in the beginning of the year because it was hard, and it was confusing and frustrating.”

McDill didn’t stop at just helping Jaxson strengthen his writing skills and ability to solve math problems. The Phenomenal Teacher also cheered him on outside the classroom when she attended his sports games.

“It is really special to me that she supports me. She guides me through the hard stuff,” revealed Jaxson about how his teacher helps him with issues impacting him beyond the school walls.

McDill was weepy while talking about Jaxson and his praise. She shapes her phenomenal teaching style after her experience as a mother.

“I think about what type of teacher I want my own child to have, and I try to do that every day,” explained the Teacher of the Week.

She pushes her students to be the best they can be. It’s what she wants her child’s teachers to do, and she knows it is what her students’ parents want her to do for their kids.

McDill chose the teaching profession because she wants to impact the lives of kids. That’s why the Teacher of the Week award presented by Jaxson is so special to her.

“The [Phenomenal Teacher] award coming from a student means much more than coming from an adult or a coworker because the student is the one I want to have an effect on. The student is the one I want to want come to school every day, want to be at school, and want to learn,” McDill added. “So, it feels really good that Jaxson recognizes that I’m here for him, especially during all those hard times that he described.”

Jaxson’s presentation of the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week award to McDill brought some of the veteran educators in the room to tears. The teachers recognized how much of an impact McDill had on her young student, but their own impact on students didn’t go unnoticed.

Organizations, community members, and even a Cobb County School District School board member stepped up to thank the teachers for their role in the success of students at Acworth Elementary. Adorned in their finest “ugly” holiday attire, the Acworth teachers were already feeling festive, but the visiting Chick-fil-A Santa Cow-Claus and table lined with gifts added the twinkle to their eyes. They filled their gift bags with an array of donated prizes including gift cards, sports tickets, Atlanta Braves merchandise, holiday décor, sweets and treats, a Chick-fil-A gift basket, and more.

“I love the Acworth community,” McDill declared! “Just to have this community support means so much.”