Keheley Elementary Uses National Grant to Host Family Math Night

Long after the end-of-school bell rang and the last teacher should have left the building, Keheley Elementary School hummed as students and their parents busily worked to solve math problems. Some students battled it out on the chessboard while others mapped out routes for robots and built video games.

The Keheley Family Math Night was designed to help kids explore math at their own levels through games and activities. The fun was courtesy of Keheley’s $1,000 National PTA STEM and Mathnasium grant, the only grant of its kind awarded to a school in Georgia. Keheley teacher Brandy Medlin, who was named a Cobb County School District Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week in October, applied for the math grant to help sponsor the school’s annual science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) night.

National Mathnasium-sponsored math nights include Mathnasium-provided games and materials that make learning activities fun and enjoyable for students and their families. The school-level Mathnasium events, which are held across the country, encourage kids of all backgrounds to become interested in STEM education and careers.