Clay Elementary Celebrates Student Achievement with 70’s Themed Dance

On January 5, Clay Elementary School teachers dress in 70’s themed attire to celebrate their students’ success on the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) test.

“Turn the beat around…love to hear it, love to hear it!” School staff said, “Let’s celebrate” because Clay Elementary School students are “Takin’ Care of Business.” There was a party going on at Clay to celebrate the students’ more than 10-point gain on the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) test within the last two years.

Teachers dressed in tie-dyed shirts and slipped on afro and Elvis wigs and feathered headbands reminiscent of 1970’s attire. The students were dancing queens…and kings as they celebrated their school’s testing success.

In addition to the school’s overall test score leap, each student at Clay showed academic growth on the state-mandated test.

“We have worked really hard to show that every child showed growth,” said Jacqueline Crawford, a Clay fifth grade teacher. “We have done after- school tutoring and have used all different kinds of resources to help our students with reading.”

Fifth grader Ma’Kayla is one of the Clay students who benefited from the extra help from her teachers.

“We worked really hard in tutoring,” Ma’Kayla explained. “My teachers helped me. I was really bad at spelling, and my teachers helped me bring up that test score so I can better myself.”

Ma’Kayla’s classmate Alexis appreciated the testing strategies that Clay teachers taught her to help her be successful.

“One that helped me was when reading, always go back and find context clues to answer questions,” recalled Alexis. “In math, always double check your answers.”

According to Crawford, students like Alexis and Ma’Kayla understand the magnitude of their school’s testing victory. They have been a part of the school’s multiple-year journey toward this academic achievement.

After dancing to 70’s music to celebrate her and her classmates’ accomplishment, Alexis stopped to offer some advice to the younger students.

“You need to work really hard to support our school,” Alexis encouraged. “Bring our scores higher. Use all your strategies. Listen to your teacher.”

For Crawford, the school’s recent testing milestone is just the beginning. She wants the school’s testing score to jump another 10 points.

As she looked to the future, Crawford talked about the school’s new robotics club and the students’ participation in a spelling bee and science fair. Plus, the teachers plan to continue the after school tutoring.

“This celebration sets the tone for the future,” Crawford added.