Tapp Middle School Student to Compete in NBC’s Genius Junior Show

Laurie Mendenhall, Varner Elementary School Target teacher, poses with her former student Ugochi, who is going to compete on NBC’s Genius Junior Show as part of the Geeks on Fleek team on March 18. Ugochi now attends Tapp Middle School.

It started with a flyer sent home from Varner Elementary School about a national TV show celebrating the smartest kids in America. The flyer caught the attention of the parents of then Varner fifth grader, Ugochi. Fast-forward a year, and Ugochi will make her debut on NBC’s Genius Junior Show as part of the Geeks on Fleek team on March 18.

According to her TV show bio, Ugochi emigrated with her family from Nigeria. She’s proud of two things – her African culture and that she can beat her own teacher in multiplication tests. Ugochi, who is now a sixth grader at Tapp Midde School, thinks the key to success is looking good, and that’s why she always suits up in her “presidential” attire.

Laurie Mendenhall, Ugochi’s fifth grade Target teacher, helped her student apply for the honor of being selected as one of America’s smartest kids.

“I have seen many examples of Ugochi’s talent,” said Mendenhall. “I have observed her intellectual curiosity and have long been impressed by her diligence, determination, and exceptional academic performance.”

Ugochi’s elementary school Target teacher described the Genius Junior contestant as a fun-loving gifted student with boundless enthusiasm and a passion for life and learning.

“Her above-average performance is a direct result of her hard work and strong focus, demonstrating an ability to rise to any challenge,” Mendenhall added.

To learn more about the TV show where the brightest kids in America, like Cobb’s Ugochi, put their smarts to the test, visit: https://www.nbc.com/genius-jr