South Cobb High School Students Host ‘That Girl in the Mirror Seminar’ for Sanders Elementary Students

“Engage the mindsets of the youth to see themselves as beautiful and strong individuals.” That was the goal of the female empowerment seminar for fourth and fifth grade girls at Sanders Elementary School.

The following South Cobb High School students hosted the event: juniors Skyler Hillery and Kamaya Jones; and seniors Naomi Yaledah-Bashaar and Ivy Ngaoka. Cobb County School District (CCSD) educators joined the South Cobb students for the Sanders seminar. They included Nadia Williams, CCSD digital learning coordinator; Courtney Jones, CCSD early learning supervisor; and Sharia Collins, a South Cobb teacher.

As part of the seminar, the Sanders students participated in activities centered on how the girls perceived themselves and others. They also talked about how to define confidence. The Sanders students interacted with classmates they didn’t initially know and wrote letters to them about what they learned about that person and what they like about them.

They identified beauty diversity by creating their own avatars. The students also discussed physical and personality features of their peers that they admire

Additionally, the teens and elementary school students discussed long-term and short-term goals as well as conflict resolution.

According to Skyler, the event helped instill the message of self-love, confidence, and unity in the elementary school girls. She hopes they will carry what they learned with them in the future.