Varner Elementary School Surprises Ashley Webster with Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week Award

“Being a teacher means everything to me. It is everything I ever hoped for. It is everything I ever dreamed of.” Those words from Ashley Webster reflect how the Varner Elementary School teacher felt after being named the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week.

Webster’s former student Madison made the surprise announcement during the school’s morning news. The fourth grade teacher described it as an experience of a lifetime.

“It was a really fun and magical moment because [Ms. Webster] was crying. I didn’t want her to cry, but at least I knew it was happy tears,” Madison said.

According Madison, her fourth grade teacher wasn’t the only one crying. Some of Webster’s current students were crying too. 

“There is something really special about teachers who are willing to give up their time,” the fifth grader added. “They put in a lot of effort to make us the best people we can possibly be.”

Madison credits teachers like Webster with building a foundation of education for students so they are able to be successful in life.

Receiving the Phenomenal Teacher award from a student made it more meaningful for Webster. She considers herself a mentor for her students. She doesn’t just focus on the educational content being taught. Her classroom centers around promoting manners, respect, and love. Webster strives to give her students the “love of learning.”

As part of her Phenomenal Teacher recognition, community organizations like Chick-fil-A donated gifts of appreciation to Webster. Although she is very grateful for the way that the community has recognized the hard work of teachers, it is the gift she received from Madison last year that she will always treasure.

“One of my favorite memories of Madison is that she gave me a simple ornament, and it says ‘best teacher ever,’” Webster explained.

Webster will always hold the students’ opinions in the highest regard because they are the ones she is with the most. They are the ones that give her the opportunity to teach.

“To teach is to touch lives forever,” the Phenomenal Teacher said.

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