Atlanta Braves Pump Up Sprayberry High School Students

As students ate their lunches and chatted with friends, it appeared to be a typical Monday at Sprayberry High School. That’s until students heard the drumbeats of the Atlanta Braves Heavy Hitters in the distance and Blooper, the baseball team’s mascot, jumped on a cafeteria table to show off his dance moves.

“It was big surprise,” confessed Alex, a senior who enjoyed the excitement that the Braves brought with them.

It wasn’t just Blooper who danced to the beat of the Heavy Hitters.

“I got into it at one point and started dancing around,” Alex added.

After the Heavy Hitters pumped up the students, they turned over the drumsticks to a few students who battled it out in a drum competition.

One of those students was Kyler, 11th grade.

“I got to make my own beat and have everyone cheer for me,” Kyler said. “I was the champion. It was very fun. I’d love to do more things like this at Sprayberry High School.”

Kyler has something in common with the baseball team’s Blooper. Kyler is the student behind Sprayberry’s yellow jacket mascot. He admitted that he learned a few moves from watching the Braves’ mascot pump up the crowd in the cafeteria.

“We were lucky to have the Braves come,” said Principal Joseph Sharp. “We were certainly excited to have them crash our lunch. I know it impacted about half of our student body.”

In addition to the drum off, Atlanta Braves cheerleaders also passed out fan gear to the students.

Alex walked away with a hat and a red foam tomahawk to cheer on the hometown team this year. The event definitely got him excited about the Braves baseball season.

“We are pennant chasing this year! We are going all the way,” Alex declared. “Go Braves!”