Tritt Elementary School Students Awarded for River Cleanup Program

Cobb County Water System’s Watershed Stewardship Program recently recognized Tritt Elementary School students for their years of work cleaning up local waterways. During the annual Rivers Alive luncheon on April 18, Georgia’s Annual Waterway Cleanup Program presented the students with the Rivers Alive’s Adopt-A-Stream Award.

Tritt students have monitored local waterways since 2009. Each year, the third grade students at the school conduct chemical, visual, and biological assessments of Chimney Springs Creek, a stream that flows near their school. The data collected by the students, who also go by the Tritt River Kids, goes to Georgia Adopt-a-Stream and is available here.

The Tritt River Kids also participate in the yearly Rivers Alive cleanup events of Chimney Springs Creek, lake and park.

The elementary school’s cleanup program is incorporated into the third graders curriculum and is part of a yearlong education unit dubbed “Life is a River.”