Kell High School Seniors Name Ann Nemeck the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week

When a group of Kell High School seniors were asked to select the one teacher who had most impacted them, the seniors had a difficult time, at first, choosing only one.

After sharing all the positive attributes of the Kell teachers they admire, the seniors agreed that one teacher, Ann Nemeck, deserved the honor of Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week.

“She is an amazing teacher,” Kell senior Faith explained over the morning announcements. “She does visuals. She does notes, and she does activities. I learn very well from her.” 

The Advanced Placement teacher said she feels she is giving back to her community by teaching her students like Faith. According to the seniors who helped select Nemeck as the Phenomenal Teacher, they do more than memorize material for a test in Nemeck’s class. They are actually learning and retaining what she teaches.

“To know that I have made a difference on them means everything to me,” the Phenomenal Teacher gushed.

It’s not only Nemeck’s teaching style that endears her to Kell students.

“She is very real and personal with all of her students. She genuinely cares,” Faith added. “I was really blessed to have been able to tell everybody how Mrs. Nemeck has impacted me, and hopefully, that gave her some recognition that is much deserved.”

For Faith, Nemeck isn’t only the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week; Nemeck is also her favorite teacher of all time.

Being recognized by her students was extra special for Nemeck because she aims to make an impression on them and to push them to reach their highest potential.

“When I started teaching, I knew right away that this is where I should be and needed to be. I love this career. It is part of my life,” Nemeck professed.