New Principal Profile Q&A: Sara Griffin, Sprayberry High School

Question: How do you envision Sprayberry High School under your leadership?
Answer: “It will have strong academics. There will be a balance for kids and the staff, and I will make sure the students are well-rounded in fine arts, athletics, and academics.”

Question: What is something that the Sprayberry High School community may not know about you?
Answer: “I played Division I Tennis at Georgia Tech.”

Question: What do you like to do in your free time?
Answer: “I like to bake. I usually make cakes for everyone on the administration team.”

Question: Define Student Success.
Answer: Student success is developing kids so that they are able to maneuver through high school and be productive citizens. The students should not only score well on tests, but they should also be competitive in college and their careers as well.”

Question: What is your favorite memory as an educator?
Answer: “I always worked with graduation. So, it was my job to walk the kids out that last time. Their excitement and enthusiasm at graduation makes it all worthwhile for the whole year.”

Question: Why did you want to be a school principal?
Answer: “I wanted to be a leader for not just the kids, but the staff as well, to make sure they have the support that they need so they can educate the kids in a more productive way.”