New Principal Profile Q&A: Laura Meyer, Nickajack Elementary School

Question: What do you want your new school family to know about you?
Answer: “I have served in Cobb for many, many years as a teacher and a leader. I just feel proud to be a part of this school district, to have been able to have served students, teachers, and parents in a variety of roles. I am a firm believer that a school community is a family, and I’m excited to be joining with a new family.” 

Question: What was it about Cobb County that drew you to serve as a principal here?
Answer: “Becoming a principal is kind of a natural progression of the work that I’ve done in Cobb. I didn’t necessarily set out for that end result. As I grew more in each of my roles, it became a natural result of the work that I did. I’m a dedicated employee to Cobb. I love the direction we’re going. I love the energy that we have, and I’m excited to be a part of that and to help support the Superintendent’s goals.”

Question: What most impresses you about the students in the District?
Answer: “There are so many things that are exciting about the students. We’ve got students that are scoring higher across the district than in the state, some higher even than in the nation. We’ve got students that are so talented in many different areas, and I think a lot of that has to do with what we’re able to offer them in Cobb County. They’re using those experiences to grow and to become inspirational and lifelong learners.”

Question: When did you first know that you wanted to become an educator?
Answer: “I knew I wanted to be an educator from a very early age. My grandmother taught in a one-room schoolhouse, and my mother is a teacher. I am a teacher, and I’m very proud to say that my daughter will be graduating from Kennesaw State in December. Her field is education as well. So, that is truly something in my makeup, in my personality, and has been since I was very young.”

Question: How does your family contribute to your role as a principal?
Answer: “I come from a long line of teachers. So, education has always been valued in my family. Growing up, we were expected to tend to our school work first, and that’s what I did. Consequently, that’s what I am expecting from my daughter as well. My family gives me their full support. They know that this position isn’t something that you start in the morning and at 4:00 p.m., it’s over. It’s who you are. So, they embrace the educator in me.”