Cobb Students Excel on Georgia Milestones in 2017-2018

Cobb County School District (CCSD) students have once again outshined their peers statewide on the Georgia Milestones during the 2017–2018 school year.

The percentage of Cobb students scoring at the Developing Learner (level 2), Proficient Learner (level 3), and Distinguished Learner (level 4) are higher than their peers at the state level in all subjects and grade levels.

On all End of Grade (EOG) tests combined, almost 81% of the District’s elementary school and middle school students scored in levels 2–4. In math, 84% of students at both levels scored in levels 2–4. In English Language Arts, nearly 81% of students were in levels 2-4. In Social Studies, more than 81% of the students scored in levels 2-4, besting their high from the previous year.

Ten elementary schools had 94% or more students score in levels 2–4:

  • East Side Elementary School
  • Garrison Mill Elementary
  • Kemp Elementary School
  • Davis Elementary School
  • Mount Bethel Elementary School
  • Mountain View Elementary School
  • Murdock Elementary School
  • Rocky Mount Elementary School
  • Sope Creek Elementary School
  • Timber Ridge Elementary School
  • Tritt Elementary School

The top performing middle schools were:

  • Dickerson Middle School
  • Dodgen Middle School
  • Hightower Trail Middle School
  • Lost Mountain Middle School
  • Mabry Middle School

Timber Ridge Elementary saw 98.1% of their students score at level 2 or better, giving them the highest percentage of such success in the county. Principal Jeff Castle detailed many different initiatives that the school has implemented that played a role in this accomplishment, but according to Castle, the paramount factor was “student exposure to high-quality instruction on a DAILY basis from the teachers at Timber Ridge.”

At the high school level, 84.9% of Cobb students scored in levels 2-4 on the End of Course (EOC) tests. These students also scored nearly 11% higher than the state. In English Language Arts and in Social Studies, more than 86% of high school students scored in levels 2-4! In Math, 82% of students scored in levels 2-4. Finally, in Science, Cobb County students outperformed their Georgia peers by almost 13%, with some 84% of students scoring in levels 2-4.

Over the last three years, the Cobb County School District has witnessed a series of successes as 81 of our schools have improved upon their initial scores. Walton High School’s principal, Catherine Mallanda, believes she understands why it is that year after year CCSD students continue to surpass expectations and perform so much better than their peers across the state. “We attribute our success to rich curriculum with student focused classroom instruction. Our teachers consistently incorporate critical thinking skills in all content areas, along with diligent students and parents who support these efforts, we have been successful,” Mallanda explained.

South Cobb High School has improved upon their 2014-15 scores by almost 14 %, a tremendous accomplishment by any standard. Principal Clint Terza is proud of his team and his students. How did they manage such an impressive feat? “As a school, we took the time to establish consistent protocols and instructional expectations across all content areas, which allowed for intentional acceleration and intervention supports.  Our staff is comprised of individuals that see the best in our students, and they will not rest regardless of the obstacles that are laid before them that come with improving student achievement.”

Some schools saw tremendous improvement in their scores from just last year. Mableton Elementary saw their scores increase by 5%, while Campbell High School witnessed an almost 3% jump. But there were many schools in our district that worked hard and saw progress for their students.

The most improved schools in the Cobb County School District include:

  • Mableton Elementary School
  • Hendricks Elementary School
  • Frey Elementary School
  • Davis Elementary School
  • Clay Elementary School
  • Bullard Elementary School
  • Sanders Elementary School
  • Lewis Elementary
  • Milford Elementary
  • Pickett’s Mill Elementary School
  • Kennesaw Charter Science and Math Academy
  • Russell Elementary School
  • Baker Elementary School
  • Floyd Middle School
  • South Cobb High School
  • Campbell High School
  • Sprayberry High School
  • Allatoona High School
  • Osborne High School
  • Wheeler High School
  • Pebblebrook High School

Pamela Cain, principal of Mableton Elementary, explained how her school was able to complete this improvement, “We continuously strive to help our students develop a firm foundation in reading, math, and writing through the implementation of the Workshop Model Framework, which provides time for whole group instruction, and time for differentiated small group instruction, such as Guided Reading and Guided Math.  We empower and extend our students through STEAM learning and extra-curricular clubs.”

Floyd Middle School Principal Teresa Hagrett added, “There were several factors that contributed to increased student proficiency: effective teacher collaboration; continuous opportunities for reteach and reassess; backwards design planning; and a rigorous curriculum.”

All public school students in Georgia take End of Grade tests in English Language Arts and Math in grades 3 through 8. Students in grades 5 and 8 also take EOG tests in Science and Social Studies. High school students take End of Course tests in eight courses in the area of English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

“The high levels of performance and progress on the Georgia Milestones is a direct result of the quality of our teachers. We are better as a district because we hire the best teachers, give them the best tools to understand what their students know, and empower them to do what they do best,” said Superintendent Chris Ragsdale.

Principal Terza may have said it best when he said of South Cobb High School, “SCHS is a family; we are one team; we have one goal; and that goal is student success.” The same can be said about the Cobb County School District in general, which is one reason we are confident that our students will continue to enjoy these successes well into the future.

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