Superintendent Chris Ragsdale Welcomes Students Back to School

From the new bookbags on their backs and new shoes on their feet to new boxes of crayons and sharpened pencils in their desks, students across the Cobb County School District returned to school today. Some students quickly moved through the same halls they bid farewell to only a few months ago. Other students spent part of their first day learning to navigate the corridors of a new school.

Superintendent Chris Ragsdale stopped by three schools to personally welcome the students back. As they stepped off the buses at Lost Mountain Middle School, the Cobb Superintendent was there to shake their hands and see them off down the school hall with smiles on their faces. 

At Due West Elementary School, Superintendent Ragsdale listened to a teacher explain the rules of her classroom and laughed as students in another classroom played a game to get to know their new classmates. By the time he finished his “first day of school” tour, the Due West students were sitting down to lunch, pulling out sandwiches and picking up their trays of food like they had never had a summer break. They were already settled into the 2018-2019 school year.

“The first day was a resounding success,” Superintendent Ragsdale said. “Our buses safely delivered over 70,000 students to and from school. We opened the doors to three brand-new schools, served more than 100,000 meals, and teachers began another successful school year with 113,000 students and their families in Cobb County.”

The students were not the only ones Superintendent Ragsdale welcomed back on the first day of school. He also popped into the class of a first-year teacher at Harrison High School to wish the teacher success in the new school year. While at Harrison, he also visited with students and checked to see how Cobb’s High School Level Teacher of the Year, Rachael Sanford, was doing on the first day.

Superintendent Ragsdale recently sat down with David Owen of the Cobb County School District’s new podcast series to have a conversation about the 2018-19 school year and the District’s future. The podcast is available here.

More podcasts, which are designed to provide parents and the community with “The Inside Scoop” about the school district, will be posted throughout the school year. There are currently podcasts covering food nutrition, transportation, and tips for parents of students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. The podcasts are available on iTunes and Stitcher or via the school district blog.