The Cobb County School District’s Manageable Growth

As students return to school, many parents are wondering what the coming school year will look like. How will your children respond to new teachers, friends, and experiences? Is the classroom and school ready to serve your child? Will the classes be big or small? Will the bus keep your child safe? Will the food be healthy?  

These are questions that all parents wonder about and the Cobb County School District is proud to say we continue to provide world-class classrooms, staff, and resources for your student.

As the 2018-2019 school year begins, classrooms across the district continue to be well-balanced and safe environments for 113,000 students. The district has seen an additional 75 new students join the district when compared to last year’s enrollment. The Cobb County School District began planning for shifts in enrollment during the spring of 2018 and were well prepared for a shift in 1/10th of 1 percent of Cobb’s student population. 

To prepare for the growth that the Cobb County School District will experience in future years, plans were put into place last year to ensure that the District would be able to serve new students and families, particularly when considering the explosive growth seen in the southern part of the District.  

Thanks to Ed-SPLOST dollars, we’ve already seen grand openings of three new, state-of-the-art schools. Cobb Horizon High School, East Cobb Middle School, and Brumby Elementary School all opened for the first time on August 1st and have begun serving the families of their communities. Additionally, Kings Springs Elementary school is in the preparation stages for an expansion that should be complete in 2020, and the county is preparing plans for an all-new middle school in Smyrna that will lower class sizes in Griffin and Campbell Middle Schools. 

As people across the metropolitan area move to Cobb, the District continues to be cited as one of the main reasons. Continued growth is likely a new normal for us and the District will continue to do all it can to meet the growing needs of our community as one team with one goal: student success.