Committed to Serving Each and Every Child

“Our goal is to align our resources and our people so that we can ensure student success.”  — Sherri Hill, Chief School Leadership Officer

The Cobb County School District is the 23rd largest district in the nation.

It is also among the most diverse — racially, ethnically, linguistically, religiously, and socio-economically. Our district also manages a high transiency rate of more than 20%.

During the 2017-18 school year, almost 43% of our students qualified for free or reduced lunches, and our cafeterias served more than 7 MILLION of those meals to our economically disadvantaged students.

So when the District says that our primary goal is to serve and to educate each and every child, we mean it.

The proof is in the data.

While Georgia’s state graduation rate is just a touch over 80%, Cobb’s is well over at almost 84%.

On the Georgia Milestones tests, the district average score bested the state average across every field of study measured.

While our numbers are good in general, they don’t really tell the whole story.

The real question isn’t “how is the Cobb County School District doing on average?” The real question is “what is the Cobb County School District doing to reach, teach, and develop each and every student in the district?”

The primary way that the Cobb County School District ensures that it is reaching each and every child with the information they’ll need to live happy and productive lives is by hiring the best and brightest teachers.

Teachers like Melissa Harris from Belmont Hills Elementary, who was praised by a former student as “the best teacher” she’d ever had.

“She has taught me a lot of new stuff. She has been nice to me. She has made me smile and laugh,” the fifth-grader told her schoolmates back in May. “I appreciate her being next to me because she is the best teacher I have ever had, and I will never forget her.”

Teachers like Mary McDonnell at Norton Park Elementary, who have helped their students overcome difficulties to achieve great success.

“When I was below [grade] level, she helped me. We bonded. She is my favorite teacher.” Fifth-grader Alexa told us. “When there was a student who needed help and didn’t understand, she would always explain it to them. She would be nice and kind and patient with them.”

Teachers like Marla Beasley at Wheeler High School, who are making a difference in the lives of their students, every single day. Tenth-grader Erik praised Beasley for her dedication and patience.

“Ms. Beasley has been there [for me] since I came to Wheeler High School,” Erik explained. “My freshmen year, my first semester, she was my ninth grade [literature] teacher. Lit is my hardest subject. She made me focus. She was strict, like my mother.”

The district takes pride in its efforts to reach each and every student where they are and to help in their journey to success.

Kennesaw Mountain High School Assistant Principal Lexie Bultman is not just an employee of the Cobb County School District, she’s the mom of one of our students as well. Bultman recounted the impact that the district has made in the growth of her son, Major, as he overcomes challenges to reach his goals of academic success.

“If it were not for the Cobb County School District and the early intervention DHH program, [my son] would not be where he is today,” Bultman said. “[Major] continues to progress. He continues to inspire, and he continues to make great strides. I cannot thank the Cobb County School District enough.”

Bultman’s perspective reflects many of the parental accounts that Dr. Bobbie Ealy has heard as the CCSD supervisor of deaf, hard-of-hearing, vision, adapted physical education and orthopedic impairment.

“I’ve heard so many parents’ stories over the years about the importance of having someone by their side to help them through [the DHH learning process,]” Dr. Ealy said.

The Cobb County School District is always striving to ensure that each and every student in the district receives the care and attention that they need. Sherri Hill, the Chief School Leadership Officer for the district, explains how (and why) the county goes about ensuring the success of each and every one of our students, no matter their needs.

“Our goal is to align our resources and our people so that we can ensure student success…

Cobb really is a school system where we are one team with one goal, student success. It doesn’t matter how the student comes to us we are going to do everything we can to ensure student success. This is the best place to teach, lead, and learn.”