Diversity: Cobb Leads the Way

The Cobb County School District is the 23rd largest district in the country and is one of the most diverse counties in the nation with new residents moving in every day. As the conversation about diversity in the workplace unfolds across the nation, it is felt even more acutely  in Cobb, a true melting pot community.

The diversity of thought, experience, and race in our community is one of the reasons why the Cobb County School District is one of the best school districts in the country. We believe diversity is an important part of what makes Cobb the very best place to teach, lead, and learn. The best. We are the best because we hire with one simple philosophy at the heart of every interview: each principal and administrator selects the very best person for the job.

The District is committed to hiring practices which are both best for students and in keeping with Board policy and employment laws. Federal, state, and local laws all prohibit hiring based upon race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other reason that is not related to the applicants’ qualifications for the position. The Cobb County School District is proud of its efforts to hire a high-quality, diverse workforce for the students and families of our community.

Hiring a high-quality workforce which represents the diverse range of thought and experience in our community isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen on accident. In fact, when measured against the rest of the nation, as can be seen in the numbers below, the Cobb County School District is a more diverse employer than most other districts across the nation.

In CCSD  White  Non-White  
Teachers  73%  27% 
Principals  68%  32% 
Administrators  67%  33% 

 How do the Cobb County School District’s numbers compare nationally? 

   Nationally  CCSD  % Over National Average
% of Non-white Teachers  18%  27%  +9% 
% of Non-white Principals  10%  32%  +22% 

 The proof is in the data. As the 23rd largest school district in the country, the diversity found in the Cobb County School District community and staff allows us to be the best place to lead, teach, and learn.