Cobb County Police Suit Up for Lassiter Powderpuff Game to Raise Money for TACA

The Lassiter High School volleyball team held the school’s fourth annual Powderpuff fundraiser event to raise money for Talk About Curing Autism (TACA). This year, members of the Cobb County Police and Cobb County School District Police teamed up with the Lassiter students to support the Powderpuff cause.

Lassiter’s volleyball competition began with games between each class level. After the Lassiter freshmen beat the junior class, they took on members of the Lassiter faculty, who won in a close game. The Cobb County Police played the Lassiter seniors, who had beaten the sophomore class in an earlier match up. The Lassiter faculty claimed the Powderpuff title by defeating the seniors in the championship game. 

“This was an exciting opportunity for resource officers and Cobb County police to work with the students in a relaxed and fun environment,” stated Lassiter resource officer John McCraw.

The event not only brought the Lassiter community together, but the fundraising event also helped TACA, which provides the help that people with autism need and helps secure the best possible future for those children and their families. Lassiter students and community members who attended were encouraged to donate to the organization.

“It was a great night,” commented Lassiter head volleyball coach Greg Hodge. “We had a lot of kids participate and come out to raise money for a cause that is personal to me and extremely important.”

For more information about TACA and ways to donate go to