Powers Ferry Elementary Students Test Real-World Math Skills  

Need groceries? Powers Ferry Elementary School students can help you stick to your budget. They had to do just that during their school’s recent math night at a local Kroger.  

 Third, fourth, and fifth graders were given budgets and a grocery list for the week. They then went on a scavenger hunt through the store looking for the items that would keep them within budget.

The Powers Ferry Family Math Night gave students an opportunity to put their math skills to work in the real world.  

 More than 50 Powers Ferry families attended and completed the math scavenger hunt.  

 Kindergartners and first graders went on the hunt for food items of various shapes and compared their sizes. The grade-level assignments related to the mathematics standards being taught in class.

Students picked up a bag of treats for completing their real-world assignments.  

 “It was such a success that the store manager agreed to make this night an annual event,” said Katrina Epps, Powers Ferry academic math coach.