How Your Tax Dollars Support the Classroom

Guest: Brad Johnson, Chief Financial Officer

00:30 Cobb Schools Budget Defined
01:00 Where the Funding Comes From
01:54 How Local Tax Funds Work
03:01 How Cobb Taxes Compare
04:19 Budget Challenges
05:32 What Are QBE & Fair Share?
07:21 Limiting Local Fair Share
08:49 Areas of Concern
10:51 Impeccable Credit
13:31 How Did CCSD Weather the Financial Storms?
14:15 How to Support Education
15:35 Transparency & Cautious Estimations
17:49 The Impact of Ed-SPLOST
19:33 Great Finance for Great Education!

The Cobb School District’s Chief Financial Officer, Brad Johnson, discusses the fiscal issues which impact our students’ education in the classroom.

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